Technology Talks are held once every quarter where speakers from the Industry, Government Agencies and Research Institutes are invited to share their knowledge. This provides a platform for Academics, practitioners and enthusiasts to gather and discuss specific topics in information security.

Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Day is held once a year and it provides a platform for all to pitch ideas and problem statements that call for collective brainstorming, collaborative effort, or partnerships towards solutions. The Consortium uses this platform to launch our annual Seed Grant Calls.


Wild and Crazy Ideas Day 2021

The Wild and Crazy Ideas Day (WACI) 2021, featuring the launch of the annual SGCSC Seed Grant Call, was held virtually on 27 May 2021.

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IEEE Singapore Section

Technology Talk X in collaboration with IEEE Computer Chapter, 03 Aug 2020

Co-organized with IEEE Singapore Computer Chapter, the 10th Technology Talk is the second virtual event that the Consortium will be hosting on Microsoft Teams.

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Technology Talk IX, 14 May 2020

The 9th Technology Talk is the first virtual event that the Consortium will be hosting on Microsoft Teams. We will also be launching a Seed Grant Call for proposals of joint research projects, which will seek joint industry-academia proposals for cybersecurity research. E.g., see Seed Grant 2017, 2018 and 2019 awards.

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Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Day, 14 Jun 2019

The third edition of our annual WACI Day calls for pitching of ideas for Cybersecurity research, as well as the launch of the Consortium's Seed Grant Call 2019. You may scroll down to read details of our Seed Grants awarded in 2017 and 2018.

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Technology Talk VIII, 01 Mar 2019

The 8th Technology Talk featured presentations from the 4 completed seed projects awarded in 2017, as well as a Grant Call Launch from the National Satellite of Excellence (NSoE) in Trustworthy Software Systems.

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Technology Talk X (03 Aug 2020)

Technology Talk VII, 26 Oct 2018

The 7th Technology Talk featured topics on FinTech Security. Join us, as we invite speakers from Academia, Government Agencies and Industry to share their expertise in a field which is most vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Day, 8 Jun 2018

The second edition of our annual WACI Day featured pitching of ideas for cybersecurity research, and the launch of the Consortium's Seed Grant Call 2018.

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Technology Talk VI, 27 Apr 2018

The 6th Technology Talk was held in conjunction with National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) User Forum at our new office building, innovation 4.0. Thank you all for attending our event and providing valuable feedbacks to us!

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Technology Talk V, 6 Feb 2018

The 5th Technology Talk featured talks along the theme of System and Software Security.

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Technology Talk IV, 27 Oct 2017

The 4th Technology Talk is an SUTD Edition of the Around-the-Campuses Technology Talk Series.

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Technology Talk III, 25 Aug 2017

The 3rd Technology Talk is an NUS Edition of the Around-the-Campuses Technology Talk Series, jointly held with the National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) User Forum.

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Technology Talk II and WACI Day 2017, 16 Jun 2017

The 2nd Technology Talk revolves around the theme of Cyber Defense for Organizations was held together with the inaugural WACI (Wild and Crazy Ideas) Day.

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Kick-Off Event - Technology Talk, 2 Nov 2016

The 1st Technology Talk was held at the Consortium space at NUS School of Computing.

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