Tech Talk 9

Technology Talk IX

14 May 2020


KTN Cybersecurity 2019

Global Expert Mission to Singapore


Joint Publication

on Singapore's Cybersecurity Ecosystem


Black Hat Asia 2020

29 Sep - 02 Oct 2020


ConnecTechAsia 2020

29 Sep - 01 Oct 2020

Cybersecurity Camp V

Cybersecurity Camp V

12 - 13 December 2019

Asia ICSC 2019


25 - 27 November 2019


Singapore Fintech Festival

11 - 15 November 2019

Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo 2019

Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo

09 - 10 October 2019

Cybersecurity Seminar 3

Cybersecurity Seminar 3 - How to Build a Truth Engine

03 October 2019

Call for Innovation 2019

Cybersecurity Call for Innovation

02 October 2019

CS4CA 2019

Cyber Security for Critical Assets (CS4CA) APAC

25 - 26 September 2019

Cybersecurity Innovation Day 2019

Cybersecurity Innovation Day

01 August 2019

Commercialising Cybersecurity Research

Commercialising Cybersecurity Research: Shooting in the Dark?

22 July 2019


The Cyber Investigators' Challenge

16 July 2019


RSA Conference 2019 APJ

16 - 18 July 2019


INTERPOL World 2019

02 - 04 July 2019

Asia Insurance Week 2019

Asia Insurance Week

02 - 04 July 2019


Infosec in the City,
Singapore 2019

18 - 20 June 2019

Wild & Crazy Ideas Day 2019

Wild & Crazy Ideas Day 2019

14 June 2019

SGCSC Industry Day

SGCSC Industry Day
& SG-CRC 2019

23 - 24 April 2019


Black Hat Asia 2019

26 - 29 March 2019

IoT Asia 2019

IoT Asia 2019

27 - 28 March 2019

Tech Talk 8

Technology Talk VIII

01 March 2019

Blockchain and Cybersecurity Workshop 2018

Blockchain and Cybersecurity Workshop

12 - 13 November 2018

Technology Talk Series

Technology Talk VII

26 October 2018

NCR Grant Call

NCR Grant Call

31 Aug - 01 Nov 2018

Singapore Cybersecurity Future Innovations

SCyFI 2018

20 September 2018


Govware 2018

18 - 20 September 2018

Cybersecurity Seminar 2

Cybersecurity Seminar 2

21 September 2018

Launch of innovation 4.0

Launch of innovation 4.0

04 September 2018

Asia ICS Cyber Security Conference

Partner Event: Asia ICS Cyber Security Conference 2018

20 - 21 November 2018

Asian Downstream Summit

Partner Event:
Asian Downstream Summit

31 Oct - 01 Nov 2018

Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo

Partner Event:
Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo

10 - 11 October 2018

RSA Conference 2018

Partner Event:
RSA Conference 2018

25 - 27 July 2018

Cybersecurity Seminars

Cybersecurity Seminars

29 June 2018

LLP Cybersecurity Presentation Day

LLP Cybersecurity
Presentation Day

25 June 2018

Deep Learning Security Workshop

Cybersecurity Camp II

The webcast videos are now available!

Wild & Crazy Ideas Day 2018

Wild & Crazy Ideas Day 2018

8 June 2018

Technology Talk Series

Technology Talk VI

27 April 2018


New Office

We have moved to innovation 4.0.

LLP Singapore

Panel: Commercialising Cybersecurity Technologies

22 March 2018

Cybertech Asia 2018

Partner Event:
Cybertech Asia 2018

27 - 28 March 2018

Technology Talk Series

Technology Talk V

6 February 2018

Black Hat Asia 2018

Partner Event:
Black Hat Asia 2018

20 - 23 March 2018

Cybersecurity Camp II

Cybersecurity Camp II

14 - 15 December 2017

IoT Asia 2018

Partner Event:
IoT Asia 2018

21 - 22 March 2018

SGCSC Industry Day

SGCSC Industry Day

17 November 2017

Technology Talk IV

Technology Talk IV

27 October 2017


SICW 2017

Consortium featured at NCR booth in SICW 2017.


Partner Event:
TechXLR8 Asia

2 - 4 October 2017

SGCSC Seed Grant

SGCSC Seed Grant

Six projects were awarded under the Consortium Seed Grant Call 2017.

Cloud Security Expo Asia

Partner Event:
Cloud Security Expo Asia

11 - 12 October 2017

Technology Talk Series

Technology Talk III
& NCL User Forum

25 August 2017, Friday

Cybercrime SIG

Speech on Cybercrime SIG

The formation of the Cybercrime and Investigation SIG was announced at Interpol World 2017.

Cybercrime SIG

Cybercrime and Investigation SIG

A new Special Interest Group on Cybercrime and Investigation was initiated in July 2017.


Technology Talk II
& WACI Day 2017

16 June 2017

SG-CRC 2017

Consortium at SG-CRC 2017

Consortium members contributed industry perspectives in SG-CRC 2017.

Cybersecurity Camp 2017

Cybersecurity Camp 2017

Our first Cybersecurity Camp successfully concluded on 20 February 2017.


Smart Nation Initiatives

The Consortium is mentioned in The Sunday Times as one of the Smart Nation Initiatives at NUS.


Newsletter Issue

The first issue of the Consortium newsletter is released.

NUS Newsletter

NUS News Sep-Oct 2016

SGCSC launch is featured on NUS News inPrint (pg4).

Kick-off Event

Inaugural Technology Talk

Our kick-off Technology Talk was held on 2 Nov 2016.

About Us

The Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium is created for engagement between industry, academia and government agencies to encourage use-inspired research, translation, manpower training and technology awareness in cybersecurity. The Consortium is funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) and anchored at the National University of Singapore (NUS) since 1 September 2016.

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For Companies

Singapore-incorporated companies with interest and expertise in cybersecurity are welcome to apply for Consortium membership to engage in a variety of activities, research and development opportunities in close interaction with Institutes of Higher Learning and government agencies, who are represented in the Consortium.

Please write to us for membership application and enquiries.

Membership Enquiry

For Individuals

Practitioners and individuals with interest in cybersecurity are welcome to join the Consortium mailing list to receive notification of Consortium's activities that are open to public for enrichment and training purposes.

Please email us at to be added to our mailing list.

Join Mailing List


  • Quarterly Technology Talk Series

    Academics, practitioners and enthusiasts can gather for half-a-day or one day, once every quarter to intensively discuss specific topics in information security. The views and discussions in the talk series are summarized through an annual report to help the Consortium funnel the discussions into translatable action items, such as match-making industry academia partners for possible translation funding applications.

  • Annual Cybersecurity Camp

    The Consortium organizes an annual Cybersecurity camp with lectures and tutorials from international and local researchers, as well as hands-on sessions via hackathons and mini-competition. The sessions in the camp could capture the topics relevant to the different SIGs.

  • Annual Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Day

    Industry, government, and academia are invited to make short and impromptu presentations with a lot of room for brainstorming. Participants sharing their ideas on the WACI Day could influence the grant call on challenge problems to be shaped by the Consortium, through which seed grants will be given out.

  • Special Interest Groups

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are set up for various themes in Cybersecurity, with an anchor institution for each theme. The groups meet regularly to discuss ideas and solutions to challenges in the field.

  • Periodic Grant Calls

    The Consortium drives a periodic grant call on specific Challenge Problems in Security and Privacy, to encourage unconventional ideas which may not often be written up as a research projects, and to do so in a targeted fashion for specific challenge problems identified. This also provides a direct opportunity to member companies to articulate the major gaps in technology which can benefit from further research.

  • Student Projects Match-Up

    The Consortium invites Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) to nominate student projects and course projects with translation potential, for a chance to match up with companies. Students and faculty members of identified projects are invited to apply for 12-18 month seed funding.

Membership Benefits

  • Invitation to Annual Camp

    Members are offered complimentary passes to the annual Cybersecurity Camp, which features lectures and hands-on sessions by prominent international and local researchers.

  • Technology Talk and WACI Day

    Members are offered complimentary passes to the Technology Talk Series and the WACI Day, which not only provide technology updates but also serve as a networking platform for companies and provide opportunities for them to tap on expertise in Singapore and worldwide for up-gradation of their Cybersecurity technologies.

  • Voicing Challenge Problems

    Members are invited to articulate their inputs on challenge problems in thematic areas of their interest, thereby potentially influencing the grant call on challenge problems in security and privacy.

  • Seed Funding

    Members are invited to partner with seed funded projects awarded by the Consortium, which can help establish relationships between industry and IHL, making a clearer case for their Industry-IHL Partnership (IIP) applications to be considered for funding. Members may be eligible for limited waiver of conditions for eligibility of IIP grants, subject to final approval from NRF.

  • Access to Research Personnel

    Members have access to university personnel at reduced overhead, getting the maximum out of their research investment through such partnerships.

  • Access to Talents

    Members have access to university students/talent presenting their projects, which may help in hiring and internship purposes.

  • Experimentation and training at NCL

    Members have access to the National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) for experimentation and hands-on training.

  • Technology Licensing

    The Consortium could negotiate on behalf of the members for better licensing terms through NRF for non-exclusive licensing of technologies created from the initial set of National Cybersecurity (NCR) projects funded by NRF, as long as such licensing does not violate the terms and conditions of any research collaboration agreements already signed for the corresponding NCR project.

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