Gaoxi XIAO

Associate Professor, NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Research Interest: Complex Systems and Complex Networks, Optical and Wireless Networks, Cybersecurity and Privacy, System Control and Resilience


Research Fellow, NUS Centre for Research in Privacy Technologies (N-CRiPT)
Research Interest: Fusion of trusted computing and distributed protocols, adversarial machine learning

Hwee Hwa PANG

Professor, SMU School of Information Systems
Research Interest: Privacy in Search Engine and DBMS, Query Answer Authentication and Data Integrity, Indexing and Query Processing for Spatial and High-dimensional data, Distributed Systems


Assistant Professor, NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering
Research Interest: Communications & Networks (intelligent surfaces, 6G, edge/fog computing, wireless, IoT, CPS, graphs), Security (blockchains, adversarial machine learning, differential privacy, applied cryptography), AI (adversarial machine learning, privacy-preserving machine/deep/federated learning)


Provost’s Chair Professor, NUS School of Computing
Research Interest: Multimedia Computing, Multimedia Security and Privacy, Image/Video Processing and Social Media Analysis

Robert H. DENG

Professor, SMU School of Information Systems
Research Interest: Applied Cryptography, Data Security and Privacy, Cloud Computing Security, Network Security, Security Protocols