Secure data management platforms, homomorphic cryptography, data-in-use encryption, privacy-preserving data sharing platform, fraud detection, epidemics research, genomic data harmonization, money laundering prevention


It is often that organizations can greatly benefit from joint data analysis but are reluctant to share sensitive information. An intricate cryptography-based system can help to enable joint analysis by anonymizing and encrypting sensitive fields – for such tasks as joint cyber threat intelligence analysis, money laundering detection, insurance fraud prevention, epidemics analysis, genetic research, and many others.

This project plans to evolve preliminary results of the research project WEAVE to build a ubiquitous and robust system for secure joint analysis of sensitive data utilizing latest advancements in cryptography and distributed systems.


The team has developed a threshold version of a cryptographic protocol designed to facilitate secure collaboration on sensitive data across multiple organizations; and develop a data collaboration platform based on the new version of the protocol. Developing a threshold version of the protocol allows it to be executed by a pre-defined percentage of participants rather than require everyone to come online together to run the protocol. This makes the protocol faster due to less required communication; and more robust: it can continue operation even if one or several participants stop cooperating.

Using the results of this research collaboration, Aprismatic will release WEAVE v2.0, a collaborative data management platform, now with the threshold feature. Availability of such tools on the market will facilitate cross-organizational data analysis, which can become the next leap in quality of our machine learning models, as Big Data was before – WEAVE can provide AI models with Even Bigger Data. This can open doors to massive improvements in collaborative research in medicine, cross-bank cooperation in anti-money laundering efforts, improvements and lower costs in transportation, communications, and many other fields.


WEAVE 2.0 software prototype on GitHub
Paillier additive-homomorphic encryption library: PaillierExt, Aprismatic.Paillier.Homomorphism
ElGamal multiplicative-homomorphic encryption library: ElGamal, Aprismatic.ElGmal.Homomorphism
Big Integer arithmetic extensions on GitHub
Big Fraction logic on GitHub
Pohlig-Hellman Exponentiation Cipher on GitHub