The Seed Grant is awarded to joint industry-academia research projects for producing proof-of-concepts of new cybersecurity technologies and innovative ideas, which seek to address gaps in Singapore’s cybersecurity landscape and to strengthen Singapore’s cybersecurity capabilities against present and future threats. Companies who are members of the Consortium may jointly submit a proposal with academic/research institutes or public agencies.

Projects leverage on partnership between Consortium member companies and academic/research institutes or public agencies, with the end goal of commercialization or deployment in companies or public agencies.

The Seed Grant may also be awarded to exploration of new ideas and smaller-scale solutions which may be difficult to gain traction outside the Consortium platform, to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their value and potential for further development under the National Cybersecurity R&D Programme (NCR).


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Other Projects

The National Research Foundation (NRF) regularly holds Translational Grant Calls to address the ever changing cyber landscape in Singapore. The grants awarded by the NRF are usually on a larger scale than the Seed Grant Calls (see above) awarded by the Consortium.

  • Examples of Cybersecurity R&D projects performed by researchers in Singapore’s Universities and Research Institutions are featured here

  • A number of NSoE-TSS Grant Call 1 projects have recently concluded. The tool/technology demonstration videos are now hosted on the NSoE-TSS website here.