Singapore Academic Cybersecurity R&D

Harnessing R&D to Secure our Nation


A Secure, Privacy-Preserving Data Exchange/Computation Platform for the Smart Nation

I. Goal

This project addresses the following problem statements:

  • How to securely combine, aggregate and analyze data from disparate sources to reveal insights that are hidden otherwise?
  • Sharing sensitive data as-is is too risky and often illegal
  • Encrypted data with off-the-shelf cyber security products is useless for analysis.

We aim to develop a collaborative data analysis platform that guarantees data security and privacy in the absence of mutual trust facilitates this vision. Such a platform will have direct application for: Finance/Banking/Insurance, Threat Intelligence, Healthcare, Government Agencies.

II. Technologies

We have developed an early stage Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) proof of concept. Our prototype is based on the  SPDZ protocol based  for financial data analysis using linear-secret sharing protocol with added feature of “Tokenization” for dealing with “NRIC” matching issue without revealing it at any stage of data handling between multiple organizations. It has the following properties:

  • SMPC guarantees that none of the parties learn the inputs
  • SMPC gives everybody the aggregated output of computation
  • SMPC is able to operate with malicious agents in the system
  • SMPC is key-less system by default

Future : Multi-cloud SMPC solution with secure ML (machine learning) capabilities.