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National Cybersecurity R&D Grant Call 2016

The National Cybersecurity R&D Programme Grant Call was launched in November 2016 to develop Singapore’s cybersecurity R&D capabilities to meet the security needs of the Public Sector and of Singapore as a whole. Three key priorities in cybersecurity R&D have been identified for the grant call, namely, National Security, Critical Infrastructure and Smart Nation. Research projects that examine key technology areas including Effective Threat-based Detection, Analysis and Defence, Secure IoT System, and Security-by-Design and Testing of Emergent Technologies were welcomed.

The emphasis of the grant call is on the translational and deployability of ideas and technologies. Dual use of new capabilities outside of the Public Sector is encouraged. To ensure scientific rigour and commercialisation capacity, only proposals submitted by Singapore-based companies in collaboration with Institutes of Higher Learning, research institutions or government agencies were eligible. Twenty three proposals were received.

Out of these, nine projects were awarded based on the significance of their research areas to create impact in Singapore, and potential for translation and commercialisation.

Read more about National Cybersecurity R&D Grant Call 2016 in the press release .

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