NSoE-TSS technology demo videos

A number of NSoE-TSS Grant Call 1 projects have recently concluded. The tool/technology demonstration videos are now hosted on the NSoE-TSS website here



Sygnia Advisory

Sygnia has discovered a significant vulnerability recently.

Log4Shell is the new RCE 0day vulnerability that is already exploited in the wild. It was found in log4j2, a popular Java logging package and we see more services/software packages effected by the hour. Click here for more details


CyberCrimeCon 2021 by Group-IB

Group-IB will be hosting the annual CyberCrimeCon 2021 on 2 December 2021. They will be presenting the latest research findings and share expertise in order to prevent, detect, and respond to security challenges. Register here


The InfoSecurity Challenge (TISC) 2021 by CSIT

The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) will be organising the second run of The InfoSecurity Challenge (TISC) this October. The challenge will be held from 29 Oct to 14 Nov 21, where participants have 2 weeks to solve a series of challenges, and they stand to win cash prizes up to $30,000. This competition is only open to Singapore citizens to participate. Register here


Job Application for Secure Computing Engineer at Acronis

Acronis is hiring for Secure Computing Engineer. Visit link for more details

Digital Transformation Award in Cybersecurity

Digital Transformation Award in Cyber Security – in collaboration with Acronis

Acronis is proud to be the Cyber Security category sponsor of The Digital Transformation Award (DX) 2021 by SwissCham in collaboration with Deloitte, to recognise digitalisation efforts in the industry. Organisations in Southeast Asia are invited to apply by 12 September 2021. Visit link for more details