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At the Singapore Cybersecurity R&D Conference (SG-CRC) 2017 co-organized by the Consortium, members contributed industry perspectives through Lightning Talks and exhibition, which reach out to about 300 conference attendees consisting of academia, government agency staff, and industry practitioners.

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Lightning Talks

  • Burning Issues in Cyber Security (& Likely Solutions)
    David Shu, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
    David shared an overview of key issues in Cyber Security for large organisations and technology shifts that could address them.

  • Research & Development in FinTech
    Lim Siew Hoon, PayPal Innovation Lab
    PayPal Innovation Lab collaborates with government agencies, Institutes of Higher Learning, Small and Medium Enterprises, industry association to foster innovation, do research & development, and groom talent and expertise in Singapore. The presentation shared the key cyber-security research areas undertaken by Innovation Lab in PayPal's FinTech Innovation journey.

  • Next-Generation Cyber Security Solutions
    Dr Ngair Teow Hin, SecureAge Technology
    Teow Hin discussed a few solutions that could help solve critical cyber security problems including insiders and external hacking attacks. He also highlighted some of the R&D works that SecureAge is working on.

  • A Secure, Privacy-Preserving Data Exchange / Computation Platform for the Smart Nation
    Eugene Aseev, Acronis Asia
    Eugene discussed a platform providing secure data exchange and computation capabilities and allowing multiple parties to share even sensitive data and perform analysis on it.

  • Securing CPS
    David Ong, Excel Marco Industrial Systems
    Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are integration of Industrial Controllers, computers, networking, and physical processes. Using Information Technology (IT) approaches to secure CPS may be seem intuitive at first. Many would dive straight in it without in-depth understanding the key differences between IT and Operational Technology (OT). David shared the converging of IT and OT and highlighted the consideration in securing CPS.

  • High Resilience by Improving Test Maintenance
    Steve Neo, Parasoft South East Asia
    Steve presented a lite introduction to techniques for improved Application Resiliency. When it comes to testing large and complex applications, the biggest issue is really maintaining the test suite, because of the noise potential. There is no reason to create a test if you are unable to maintain it. If you get a task to fix a bug, would modification to the existing test catch the bug in the future?

  • Security at DevOps Speed
    Stefan Streichsbier, Vantage Point Security
    More and more companies are switching to Agile and DevOps methodologies to enable continuous delivery. And while development is becoming faster and faster and new features are released on a daily basis, application security is struggling to keep up. For the most part application security seems to be stuck in the dark ages of waterfall. Stefan discussed a new approach to application security that would enable Agile development teams to ship software at DevOps speed.