Cybersecurity Seminars are held in between our quarterly Technology Talks. These seminars are organized when we identify certain topics that are of interest to relevant groups of people.

Seminar 2019 - Peter Cochrane OBE

Cybersecurity Seminar Series 3: "How to Build a Truth Engine", 03 Oct 2019

We are delighted to invite Prof. Peter Cochrane OBE to the National University of Singapore, to give a talk on “How to build a Truth Engine”.

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Cybersecurity Seminar 2

Cybersecurity Seminar Series 2: "LGTM: Unleash your inner security researcher", 21 Sep 2018

We are pleased to have Max Schaefer, a Lead Software Engineer at Semmle as a guest speaker for this event. Prior to joining Semmle, Max was a post-doc at IBM Research and an assistant professor at NTU Singapore. He holds a doctorate in computer science from Oxford University.

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Cybersecurity Seminar Series 1: "Topics on Cyber Risks", 29 Jun 2018

We are pleased to co-host two seminars by international experts, Michael Daniel from the Cyber Threat Alliance and Prof. Marie-Elisabeth Pate-Cornell from Stanford University, during their visit to the Consortium and LRFI.

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