2021 Calendar of Events

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28 Jan
Threat Intelligence SIG session




5 Mar
System and Software Security SIG session


8 Apr
Mobile Security SIG session


11 May
CPS and IoT Security SIG session

27 May
WACI Day / Seed Grant Call launch

4-7 May
[Partner event] Black Hat Asia 2021


10 Jun
Data Security and Privacy SIG session


15 Jul 22 Jul
Seed Grant application deadline

14-16 Jul
[Partner event] TechXLR8 Asia 2021




31 Aug
[Supported event] Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation Launch Event


20 Sep
Data Security and Privacy SIG session

16 / 23 / 30 Sep
[Supported event] Call for Innovation: Meet the End-Users


Seed Grant Awards

5-7 Oct
[Supported event] GovWare 

15 Oct
[Supported event] RIE Industry Day


Tech Talk


SGCSC Industry Day

6-9 Dec
Cybersecurity Camp

* Subject to changes

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are targeted avenues for member companies, researchers, and government agencies to exchange knowledge and explore collaborations for collective interest. SIG meetings are informal, interactive sessions where the group share their work, ideas, challenges, and related issues, within the community of the Consortium.

SIG meetings are open to members only, and details are announced to members via email. See how you can participate here.

List of SIG Topics

Technology Updates

Technology Talks and Wild & Crazy Ideas (WACI) Day

Technology Talks are held once every quarter where speakers from the Industry, Government Agencies and Research Institutes are invited to share their knowledge. This provides a platform for Academics, practitioners and enthusiasts to gather and discuss specific topics in information security.

The Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Day is held once a year, typically combined with one of the Technology Talks into a full-day event. It provides a platform for all to pitch ideas and problem statements that call for collective brainstorming, collaborative effort, or partnerships towards solutions. The annual Seed Grant Calls are traditionally launched at this event.

Cybersecurity Seminar Series

Cybersecurity Seminars are held in between our quarterly Technology Talks. These seminars are organized when we identify certain topics that are of interest to relevant groups of people.

Industry Day

SGCSC Industry Day is organized once every year to emphasize the strong relevance of research, as well as to identify gaps that must be plugged. The Consortium takes this opportunity to show case its awarded Seed Grant Projects and host a series of talks on state of the art cybersecurity developments in the international research community.

Cybersecurity Camps

The Consortium organizes an annual Cybersecurity Camp with lectures and tutorials from international and local researchers, as well as hands-on sessions via hackathons and mini-competition. The sessions in the camp could capture the topics relevant to the different SIGs.

Cybersecurity Camp Events


Local and International Visits

The Consortium has hosted a number of visits from local and international institutions who are interested in knowledge exchange and learning about the current practices of Singapore's private and public sector in the area of cybersecurity innovation.

Event Partnerships

The Consortium has collaborated with various agencies for joint events and contributed to Singapore-hosted cybersecurity events with regional and global audience.

Supported Events

The Consortium supports a number of reputed cybersecurity conferences taking place in Singapore as the hub for the Asia Pacific region.

Member Initiatives

The Consortium is happy to share information on work and initiatives independently conducted by its members that benefit the cybersecurity community in various ways.

News Archive

We have moved into innovation 4.0!
Consortium Launch at TechVenture 2016
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We have moved into innovation 4.0!
Consortium Launch at TechVenture 2016
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