In June 2018, a seed grant call was launched to invite proposals from consortium members for proof-of-concepts of new cybersecurity technologies and innovative ideas. We are pleased to announce that Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) and Custodio Technologies were awarded the Grant based on their technical merits and potential for commercialisation.

Details of Awarded Projects

  • SPOTify: A high-fidelity, practical smart grid honeypot for gathering threat intelligence

    Honeypot for industrial control systems (ICS) is still in an early stage. Existing implementations do not offer high-interaction, cyber-physical integrated experience to deceive attackers and retain them inside for conducting longitudinal attack analysis. Besides, logging on honeypot systems that allows conducting analysis of attack vectors and threat intelligence has not yet been well studied or implemented.

    This project tackles these challenges towards a practical, high-fidelity ICS honeypot in smart grid domain that offers better realism from attacker’s perspective and effective logging features for security and threat analysis. In particular, it utilizes ADSC’s experience in smart grid security (e.g., cyber-physical integrated smart grid honeypot prototype) and Custodio Technologies’ expertise in cyber threat detection.

    This project is a collaboration between Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) and Custodio Technologies.

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