Industry Members


Contact: Eugenia Dolmatova
Interests: Data protection

Attila Cybertech

Contact: David Ong
Interests: Cyber security lifecycle technology and risk assessment for ICS, SCADA, IOT, IIOT, with focus on evaluating existing technologies and development of state-of-the-art technologies

Beyond Security

Contact: Michael Leong
Interests: Computer, mobile & network security, pen-testing, SCADA, IOT, VA, dynamic & static software analysis


Contact: Melvern Chia
Interests: Open secure platforms, embedded system security

Carbon Black

Contact: Kane Lightowler
Interests: Next-generation endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, next-generation antivirus, streaming prevention, application control, whitelisting and compliance


Contact: Marcus Tan
Interests: Data protection


Contact: Aaron Eilat
Interests: Cyber early warning, cybercrime prevention, forensics and investigation

Cyber Security Intelligence

Contact: Hirotaka Mieda
Interests: Next-Gen Security Operation Center (SOCs), Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), malware analysis, incident response

DSO National Lab

Contact: Tan Yang Meng
Interests: Computer and network security


Contact: Eleanor Chan
Interests: Trusted identity


Contact: Paul Hadjy
Interests: Cloud security, web scanners, penetration testing, incident response, hackathons, exploitations, vulnerability


Contact: Priyesh Panchmatia
Interests: Authentication, digital identity

Insider Security

Contact: Jonathan Phua
Interests: Advanced cyber security analytics


Contact: Shan Loy
Interests: Threat intelligence, endpoint protection


Contact: Stanley Mo
Interests: Mobile network vulnerability access and penetration test, device forensic (IoT device, memory and smart device)


Contact: Pasi Koistinen
Interests: Deep and dark web threat intelligence and data breach detection


Contact: Walter Hokett
Interests: Intelligence driven cyber defense and analytics


Contact: Juliana Goh
Interests: Cyber strategy development, cyber assessment and assistance programs, Security Operations Centers (SOCs), advanced cyber analytics, securing the Internet of Things.

Nova System

Contact: Ryan Lee Swee Ann
Interests: Cybersecurity assurance in transport - aerospace, rail, maritime

Oyster Security

Contact: Vincent Ang
Interests: Data protection and privacy, Financial Technology security


Contact: Steve Neo
Interests: Software testing and compliance, software security


Contact: Phoram Mehta
Interests: Data security and privacy, mobile security, risk assessment

PwC Singapore

Contact: Jacky Ho
Interests: Cyber risk management


Contact: Main
Interests: Security analytics, cyber incident response and forensics


Contact: Teow-Hin Ngair
Interests: Data protection, anti-malware / anti-virus


Contact: Mikko Niemela
Interests: Cyber security services


Contact: Lim Han Siong
Interests: Telecommunications, Managed Security Services

Solus Connect

Contact: Matthew Ainscow
Interests: Multi-Factor Authentication

ST Electronics (Info-Security)

Contact: Kan Pak Leng
Interests: Security solutions, consultancy, training

Standard Chartered

Contact: Murari Kalyanaramani
Interests: Threat intelligence, cybercrime prevention, cybersecurity laws and regulation


Contact: Lim Woo Lip
Interests: Telecommunications, security analytics

TNO Singapore

Contact: Mark v. Staalduinen
Interests: Cybercrime, blockchain and IoT security

Vantage Point

Contact: Suman Sourav
Interests: Software security, secure software development lifecycle, DevSecOps, mobile security


Contact: Mark Milford
Interests: Security for marine and energy sectors