Industry Members


Contact: Eugenia Dolmatova
Interests: Data Protection

Attila Cybertech

Contact: David Ong
Interests: Cyber Security Lifecyle Technology and Risk Assessment for ICS, SCADA, IOT, IIOT, with focus on Evaluating Existing Technologies and Development of State of the Art Technologies

Banff Cyber

Contact: Matthias Chin
Interests: Web Security, Cloud Security, Log Analytics


Contact: Melvern Chia
Interests: Open Secure Platforms, Embedded System Security


Contact: Marcus Tan
Interests: Data Protection


Contact: Aaron Eilat
Interests: Cyber Early Warning, Cybercrime Prevention, Forensics and Investigation


Contact: Tan Yang Meng
Interests: Computer and Network Security

Excel Marco

Contact: Eric Tan
Interests: Cybersecurity Solutions for ICS, SCADA for Process and Digital Factory, with focus on Securing Critical Infrastructure and Production Assets


Contact: Paul Hadjy
Interests: Cloud Security, Web Scanners, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Hackathons, Explotations, Vulnerabilty


Contact: Priyesh Panchmatia
Interests: Authentication, Digital Identity

Insider Security

Contact: Jonathan Phua
Interests: Advanced Cyber Security Analytics


Contact: Pasi Koistinen
Interests: Deep and Dark Web Threat Intelligence and Data Breach Detection


Contact: Walter Hokett
Interests: Intelligence Driven Cyber Defense, and Analytics

Nova System

Contact: Ryan Lee Swee Ann
Interests: Cybersecurity Assurance in Transport - Aerospace, Rail, Maritime

Oyster Security

Contact: Vincent Ang
Interests: Data Protection and Privacy & Financial Technology Security


Contact: Steve Neo
Interests: Software Testing and Compliance, Software Security


Contact: Phoram Mehta
Interests: Data Security and Privacy

PwC Singapore

Contact: Nick Phang
Interests: Cyber Risk Management


Contact: Teow-Hin Ngair
Interests: Data Protection, Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus


Contact: Mikko Niemela
Interests: Cyber Security Services


Contact: Lim Han Siong
Interests: Telecommunications, Managed Security Services

ST Electronics (Info-Security)

Contact: Kan Pak Leng
Interests: Security Solutions, Consultancy, Training

Standard Chartered

Contact: David Shu
Interests: Financial Technology Security


Contact: Lim Woo Lip
Interests: Telecommunications, Security Analytics

Vantage Point

Contact: Stefan Streichsbier
Interests: Software Security, Secure Software Development, Security Testing for Mobile, Network, and Web