Cybersecurity Camp II

Deep learning has made huge advances and impact in many areas of computer science such as vision, speech, NLP, and Robotics. Many exciting research questions lie in the intersection of security and deep learning.

First, how will these deep learning systems behave in the presence of adversaries? Research has shown that many of the state-of-the-art deep learning systems can be easily fooled by adversarial examples. We will explore fundamental questions in this area including what types of attacks are possible on deep learning systems, why they exist, and how we can defend against them.

Second, how can deep learning techniques help security applications? We will explore this area and study example security applications using deep learning techniques including program binary analysis, password security analysis, malware detection and fraud detection.

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Camp Brochure Program (Coming Soon!)

Camp Structure
Hackathon* + Workshop : 14-15 December 2017
Workshop only: 15 December 2017
*Only selected applicants can participate in the hackathon

Registration Fees
Delegate Hackathon* + Workshop Workshop Only
Local / International Students* SGD 150.00 SGD 80.00
Staff at Singapore Educational / Research Institutions* SGD 150.00 SGD 80.00
Staff at Singapore Government Agencies* SGD 150.00 SGD 80.00
Others SGD 300.00 SGD 150.00
Price inclusive of 7% GST
Registration fee includes: 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks per day.
* For verification purposes, please use official email address for the registration

Contact Us
For registration or general enquiries, please contact Ms Wu Huifen .