Cybersecurity Camp II

(Deep learning Security Workshop)

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Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II Cybersecurity Camp II

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Research Forum, 14 December 2017

The Camp featured a Research Forum to showcase developments at the intersectionof deep learning and security. Students, researchers, and practitioners are invited to submit ‘work-in-progress’ or short research talks. Talks can include emerging hot topics, preliminary research results, practical problems encountered by industry practitioners, lessons learned, exciting datasets, and other topics of interest to security researchers working in deep learning.

For more information and submission details, please visit the Research Forum Webpage .

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"Privacy Leakage in Long Short Term Memory"
Lun Wang

"On the Application of Deep Learning Techniques to Website Fingerprinting Attacks and Defenses"
Marc Juarez and Vera Rimmer

"Recovering Types from Binaries"
Teodora Baluta, Shiqi Shen and Alexandros Dimos

"Learning Relations between Variables Using Deep Learning"
Shiqi Shen and Soundarya Ramesh

"On Lyapunov Exponents and Adversarial Perturbations"
Vinay Prabhu and John Whaley

"Transferability of Adversarial Attacks in Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning"
Riley Edmunds, Noah Golmant, Vinay Ramasesh, Phillip Kuznetsov, Piyush Patil and Raul Puri

"Do We Need Original Data for Training? Toward Designing Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning"
Qingrong Chen, Minhui Xue, Chong Xiang, Bo Li, Haizhong Zheng and Haojin Zhu

Main Workshop, 15 December 2017

The workshop featured invited speakers from Google Research, Alibaba Cloud Security, UnifyID, Georgia Institute of Technology, and National University of Singapore.

For more details, please visit the Deep Learning Security Workshop .

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