Upcoming Events

  • SGCSC Industry Day, 17 November 2017

    The Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium is organizing an Industry Day to introduce the recently awarded NCR and Seed Grant projects to the cybersecurity community, as well as a view of NRF’s R&D focus and broad timeline of upcoming grant calls.
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  • Cybersecurity Camp II, 14 - 15 December 2017

    The 2nd Cybersecurity Camp will be held in Singapore on December 14-15, 2017 at the campus of National University of Singapore.
    Application details coming soon! (Event details)

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are targeted avenues for members, researchers, and government agencies to exchange knowledge and explore collaborations for collective interest.

Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

The Threat Intelligence aspect covers technologies to detect malicious activities which include anomalies in network and endpoint access, suspicious user / insider behaviour, malware, Denial of Service attacks, and so on. The current trend in predictive / proactive defense overlaps the developments in Big Data, Data Analytics, and Deep Learning fields.

The Incident Response aspect covers technologies to evaluate and prioritise detected threats to assist human operators in crisis resolution and risk mitigation, as well as regulatory considerations to minimize impact of breaches across the board.

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Data Security and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy

The Data Protection aspect covers technologies to protect confidentiality and integrity of data. This also involves access control considerations including user authentication.

The Data Privacy aspect covers technologies as well as regulations in order to preserve privacy of data owners without crippling the usability of the data, thus enabling new applications, smarter devices, and enhancing the digital lifestyle.

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Mobile Security

Mobile Security

The group interests span all aspects of security for mobile devices: mobile applications, mobile platforms including software, firmware and hardware, mobile network, mobile malware, and mobile user behaviour.

Mobile security involves consideration of constraints underlying embedded devices as well as features unique to mobile lifestyle such as the ready availability of certain information (real-time location, contacts, etc.) compared to traditional computing.

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System and Software Security

System and Software Security

The group interests span technologies for building secure software and constructing secure complex systems from various software and hardware components, as well as technologies for finding and patching vulnerabilities in existing or third-party software.

These involve testing methodologies, standards and compliance, design and development best practices, and also user / developer interfacing considerations, such as the need to reduce false alarms and to prioritize vulnerabilities for fixing.

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Cyber-Physical System and IoT Security

Cyber-Physical System and IoT Security

Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Security is concerned with protecting complex infrastructure with large networks of devices such as public utilities and urban transportation. There is an emphasis on preserving correct, safe execution of (usually critical) processes that produce as well as use information shared across components, while accounting for physical and operational constraints of the system.

Internet of Things (IoT) shares the interconnected feature of CPS, with more emphasis on the connectivity technologies instead of the integrated system. As such IoT Security is concerned with confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of the exchanged information across devices.

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Cybercrime and Investigation

Cybercrime and Investigation

The Cybercrime and Investigation SIG focuses on measures and technologies for better cybercrime investigation and attack attribution. The group interests include digital forensics and anti-forensics, investigative triaging, and solving challenges in handling large volumes of case exhibits and digitisation.

Distinct from the Threat Intelligence and Incident Response topic, which leans towards organizational defense, this topic is applicable to cybercrime determent and law enforcement.

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More Possibilities

The SIGs are dynamic groups and more groups can be formed as interest arises.

Past Events

TechTalk IV

Technology Talk IV, 27 October 2017

The 4th Technology Talk will be an SUTD Edition - part of Around-the-Campuses Technology Talk Series.
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Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW), 19 - 21 September 2017

Dr. Vivy Suhendra, Executive Director of Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium, presented on the topic of “A Research-To-Industry Perspective on Singapore Cybersecurity Landscape” at the SICW 2017's NCR booth.

SGCSC Seed Grant

SGCSC Seed Grant

Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium is proud to be part of the cybersecurity initiatives.
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TechTalk III

Technology Talk III (25 August 2017)

The 3rd Technology Talk will be an NUS Edition - part of Around-the-Campuses Technology Talk Series, jointly held with the National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) User Forum.
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TechTalk II

Technology Talk II and WACI Day 2017 (16 June 2017)

The 2nd Technology Talk on the theme of Cyber Defense for Organizations was held along with the inaugural WACI (Wild and Crazy Ideas) Day.
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Visit by Mr. Joan Puate, Catalonia Digital Cluster (11 May 2017)


Visit by ADSC and Prof. David Nicol (3 May 2017)


Visit by Kaspersky Lab HQ Delegation (26 April 2017)


Visit by Professors from Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (10 March 2017)

SG-CRC 2017

SG-CRC 2017 (21 - 22 February 2017)

At the SG-CRC 2017 conference co-organized by the Consortium, members contributed industry perspectives through Lightning Talks and exhibition.
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Cybersecurity Camp 2017

Cybersecurity Camp (19 - 20 February 2017)

The inaugural Cybersecurity Camp was a two-day workshop comprising lessons and a 24-hour hackathon.
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Technology Talk Nov 2016

Kick-Off Event - Technology Talk (2 November 2016)

The first Technology Talk was held at the Consortium space at NUS School of Computing.
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Launch 2016

Consortium Launch (20 September 2016)

The Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium (SGCSC) was launched at TechVenture 2016.
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IoT Asia 2018

Connecting YOU to Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities in Asia!

IoT Asia 2018, 21 - 22 March 2018

For the past 4 years, IoT Asia has been at the forefront of bringing global collaboration and partnership opportunities to governments, businesses and communities in Asia. IoT Asia is an award winning stage that brings together technology heads, design architects, solution architects, engineers, academic institutions, investors and start-ups to assess the latest trends and partnership models in Asia. Featuring a 6,000 sqm exhibition, multi-track though provoking conferences and community-driven seminars, IoT Asia 2018 will put the spotlight Smart Cities, Industrial IoT, IoT Data Analytics and Enablers.

To get 15% discount on all conference passes except Academic passes, quote code ‘IOT18SOSGCC15’ here .


Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, 11 - 12 October 2017

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is Asia’s first event dedicated to securing the cloud and a new launch as a complementary response to Asia’s largest cloud event for business. This is an exhibition that attracts the world’s leading suppliers and the top security speakers and practitioners. Access all this for FREE – register for your ticket now: www.cloudsecurityexpoasia.com/SGCSC

To get 20% discount on all conference passes, please quote code ‘SGCSC20’ here .


TechXLR8 Asia, 2 – 4 October 2017

TechXLR8 Asia is a brand new festival of innovation in Asia, showcasing the best APAC’s tech and telco industry has to offer. With 1 shared exhibition showcasing 5 leading technology events, over 20 tracks of focused content, 100+ innovators and 2,500+ potential partners, TechXLR8 Asia is unlike any industry event. With conference tickets and free visitor passes available, get to discover cutting edge technologies in IoT, 5G, NV & SDN, VR & AR, Blockchain and more.

To get 20% discount on all conference passes, please quote code ‘SGCSC20’ here

Black Hat Asia 2017

Black Hat Asia 2017

Black Hat Asia 2017 will be held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, March 28-31, 2017. InfoSec professionals from around the world will gather to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. Black Hat Asia opens with hands-on Training for security practitioners March 28-29 followed by the main conference March 30—31 featuring applicable and relevant security Briefings presented by top researchers, solutions and products in the Business Hall, and open-source tool demonstrations at Arsenal. Network with the industry’s top talent and stay up to date on the latest in AppSec, exploit development, platform security, and more.